Hello. I'm Dan Farrell, an indie singer songwriter and Producer who lives in London in the UK. I'm a one man band musician and I own six guitars, a midi keyboard and a computer . On here you'll find out all about me and my musical influences, how I write songs, what instruments I use and what equipment I use for recording.


If you would like to listen to any of my music, you can click on the ReverbNation player below. I've released two albums "Let The Sun Shine In" and "Time For A Change", two EP's, and a few singles to date. 

I LOVE songwriting and especially the production process. I play all the instruments myself and do the main and backing vocals on my songs, although I have to shut the door of my home studio when doing vocals because the cat meeows when I sing!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Click on the links at the top of the page to see videos or listen to music I've written and if you like them, drop me a line. I always reply within a day.

Keep rockin'!


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