I released my second album on Friday 4th December this year. This concluded my musical output for 2015 where I released 2 albums, 2 EPs and 3 singles. Twenty six original songs all of which I am very proud of. Doing it all myself as well has taken it's toll! Because I play and sing everything, as well as produce, master then make the artwork for the releases, I am knackered and need a wee break for a while.

My second album "Time For A Change" consists of 11 tracks with a bonus track at the end. The bonus track is a version of "I Don't Care" that I decided to include on the album which has me doing the vocals. On the original single release, the song featured the beautiful vocals of Rachel Grey. I had to sing a guide vocal on the track before I sent it to her so that she could get a sense of the song. I recorded a few takes of me singing it never ever thinking that I would use them. My vision for the song was for Rachel to "lead" the song with her distinct haunting vocals. She did the honours and sent it back to me and I released it as a single on Bandcamp. 

It wasn't until I was compiling the tracks for the album release that I revisited the master backing tracks of "I Don't Care". I saw my vocal tracks (which were muted) and decided to give them a listen. Before I knew it I was editing together a vocal track which I thought sounded OK, but I don't usually like to release stuff with hundreds of edits in it, so I decided to sing it again in one take. It was hard going, because the chorus has a high E note that was extremely challenging for my male vocal chords to reach! I have to admit I took a few go's at this to get it right but eventually I was happy with the end result and decided to include it on the album as a bonus track.

The first track "Sinking Ship" is quite a production. It's about the movie business and the way film makers convince themselves that their film is NOT going to be a disaster, despite everyone around them seeing that it's a "sinking ship." I decided to use sound effects of a giant wooden ship creaking and sinking in the raging sea as a Captains voice comes on the tannoy making sure that the money men be saved first! It kind of sums up the movie business for me!

There are two comedic style songs on there too - both produced as 60s pop songs. The sort you might hear in the hit parade in about 1964! "She Dumped Me By Text and Put It On Facebook" is done as a "Beatles" style song with repeat vocals from the backing singers. I wanted to write a 60s song with contemporary lyrics as I liked the juxtaposition of these two things. "She Doesn't Need Botox" is another 60s style pop song that speaks out against the use of botox. I'm a great believer in growing older as nature intended - although my wife says that if she could afford it, she'd do it!

"Without Her" is a song about my wife. The guitar on it was inspired by Mark Knopfler's finger picking sound that I wanted to try and get. I had a chest infection when I was recording this song and spent many a happy hour playing and re-doing guitar parts to ensure it sounded just right. The vocals are the deepest I've ever sung and you can hear the chest infection on the track! Don't worry though, I'm not contagious!

"Standing In The Light" is a nod to The Beatle's song Blackbird. Simple production - acoustic guitar layers and some bass and percussion and that was it. It's a short song at 1'13 but I was really pleased with the end result.

If you fancy listening to my 2nd album you can listen to it here. Let me know what you think of it as I love to hear feedback.

Take care all - yer pal - Dan.