Discovering music

I spend a lot of time listening to various indie artists. It might be on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, but what's clear is that there's a massive array of talent out there - far removed from the manufactured pop that Simon Cowell wants us to ingest (usually making us vomit).

We live in an age where us musicians can do our thing and get it "out there". OK, the material won't get the same audience as say, Justin Bieber (hurrrl) or One Direction (bluuughhh), but you know what? We're more talented than those dudes! I know, I know.....talent is in the eye of the beholder, but I've heard some seriously good artists recently that could easily give current singer songwriters a run for their money. Actually, scrub that! A lot of these "artists" don't actually play an instrument or write lyrics or could explain what a groove was. The artists I come across have SERIOUS TALENT! The "T" word is coming out strongly in their music and it's just great to hear. You just know they own a notepad and pen for their lyrics. Perhaps a guitar or two. Or a piano.....

Last week I got the jolt of my life. I heard a voice - a singer - on a track on Soundcloud. The artist concerned was someone I'd decided to follow on Twitter. You know the routine - find people with similar interests that you have, hopefully they'll "appreciate the pain" of being undiscovered that runs through our veins! Anyway, this singer was a girl called Rachel Grey. I listened and my soul was nailed to the floor. The emotion she puts into her performance is astounding. Her piano playing is to die for and her musical phrasing is sublime. I listened to another track. Same deal. Then another. "Jesus! This girls is incredible!"

The performance was the thing that got me. Professionally in my day job, I work in a field where you examine performances in micro detail and the ones that can't do it, end up on the cutting room floor! The ones that CAN though....well, they are another story. These people manage to captivate you and stop you in their tracks, so that you HAVE to hear them. Rachel did that to me. God, I'd love to tell her all this......

Then I realised I could!

Again, how lucky are we these days that we can tweet or message people to say how much we enjoyed their music. I did this and within a short amount of time we'd connected. I offered to write her a song because I would love to have that voice on one of my compositions. Ok, I'm a "nobody" in terms of the music business, but what the hell - creating music is where it's at right? NOT the villa in Spain, or the private jet or choking on your own vomit (or worse, somebody elses!!) Blow me down, she agreed!

So guess what my next project is gonna be? Yes sirree, I am writing and recording a song for her. We've got to work out the logistics of getting her vocals to my studio but that'll be fine. We got the technology baby! She's a great person to be up for this and I'm extremely grateful.

So as I write this, sitting at work when I really should be doing "day job" stuff, I look forward to the next musical journey. 

Who knows. It could be a hit?

Thanks for reading - and listen to Rachel Grey here .

yer pal