It's Been Busy!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Three radio stations played some of my music for which I am eternally grateful. Shout out to - Beyond The Dawn Radio, BlogTalk Radio with Sharlette K and Stevie_J and most recently Enfield Music hosted by Mark Riley. Enfield Music are a UK based station specialising in playing indie unsigned dudes like me. I did a skype interview for their Podcast #49 and that was a lot of fun! Got some nice feedback too. You can hear it if you click here.

I'm busy beavering away getting my music to as many platforms as possible and it's a lot of work! Latest batch went off to the BBC Intro this morning, which sounds like a great service for us unsigned / unrepresented muso's. Admittedly it takes up to 6 months to get played / listened to, but the Beeb are a huge organisation and they probably get **itloads of music to listen to.

I've made a pledge to myself to buy music to help support my fellow musicians. It's only a few quid (that's Brit slang "pounds" for you Americans out there!) and when you think about the time invested in recording a song, to ask for £1 or £2 isn't much I don't think. Obviously you can listen for free on places like SoundCloud for instance, but I am now purchasing stuff that I play more than once. A few other folks out there in the twittersphere do the same and I applaud them for it. It's a very welcome and small investment for us who love to write songs to entertain and move you.

Last weekend I eventually finished mixing my latest song "I Don't Care" which Rachel Grey sang for me. Her vocals melt your heart and I am so grateful to her for collaborating on this song with me. We've never met in person, but hopefully one day that will change! I recorded "here", and she recorded "there" and somehow by the miracle of technology, we met inside my iMac computer!! It's on my Bandcamp page if you wanna buy....sorry....LISTEN to it! For just a quid, you get Rachel Grey's vocals stroking your earlobes and my guitars twanging your walnuts! What more could you ask for!

This week I am working on two new songs - "Rather Be Strumming" which is a get your head down and rock out track, and also "Standing In The Light" which is a McCartney'esque acoustic number. The sort of song you'd stick right at the end of an album. Cos it's really short. Not the album. The song.....These will be appearing on my Bandcamp page before too long.

Finally, I struck gold this week! I've been thinking about buying a new electro acoustic, as my current acoustic (A Yamaha FG400A which I've had for over 20 years) isn't electrified. The one I want is just short of a million pounds.....Ok, I exaggerate a bit......£550!! But enough to shout in my face "You can't afford it!". So what to do? I picked up my trusty old guitar and said "It's just you and me kid for the foreseeable..."

Then it hit me! The button where the strap fits on is metal. And a jack plug insert too....hang on a second......That's where a guitar lead plugs in.....

I had a pick up fitted to this guitar in about 1990! I'd forgotten all about it! HOORAY! So I am able to plug the f**ker in after all. What a nice discovery that was. I just need an amp now...

That's it for now folks. Thanks for reading!

Yer pal