In other news I'm getting back together with an old bandmate of mine (Alan Snelling pictured) and we're gonna do some gigs as a duo. We got together for a jam recently and it sounded so good we decided to put a set list together and do some gigs. Alan and I played a lot together in the 90's and wrote and recorded a lot of songs.

Al is a freelance music recording mixer by trade and has recorded orchestras at Abbey Road, so it means our sound will be really top knotch!

After throwing hundreds of names and ideas into the hat for a band name (including Lady Garden Lovers, Fahrenheit and even sticking with our original name Ample Sausage) we have decided on BANDANA. It's got the word "band" in it, it's got my name in it and it's got two letters of Alan's name in it too! I'd say it's perfect.