Tascam 244 cassette Portastudio

Tascam 244 cassette Portastudio

My love of recording goes back to the invention of the Tascam 4 track cassette Portastudio. From this I moved on to an 8 track reel to reel recording set up. People just don't seem to realise how much HISS there was back in those amateur recording days!

Yamaha AW4416 16 track digital studio ina box with automation

Yamaha AW4416 16 track digital studio ina box with automation

When digital recording revolutionised home musicians I jumped straight in and got myself a 16 track Yamaha 4416 DAW with automation! Corrrr! That is some bit of kit and I still have it, but never record on it anymore. It's just a fancy expensive mic preamp at the moment. I really should sell it on ebay.....

Then Apple invented Garageband and my life changed again - but for the better. I just love the interface, the simple, quick editing facility and most of all THE SOUNDS! The guitar amps section is, for me, heaven. And you can so easily add or take away loads of pedal effects to achieve your own personal "sound".

Thanks Mr Apple.


I have a number of guitars - my main pride and joy being my Rickenbacker 330 12 string (a la George Harrison 1964). I had to have this custom made because I needed a left handed version, but it had to be strung for a right handed player, owing to my weird upside down playing style! It took a year to arrive from California but that jangly sound it makes was worth the wait.

I also have a Fender Telecaster which is left permanently in open G tuning, a Fender strat and a Hofner Violin bass (a la Paul McCartney!) as well as three acoustics - an old Yamaha FG410, an Eko 12 string and an old 1966 Hofner Congress (again, exactly like the one McCartney played in Hamburg with The Beatles).

If I had the room I'd have a Hammond B3 in my homestudio, but I'd never get the bloody thing up the stairs!

I used Garageband to record my first album "Let The Sun Shine In" and mastered the final mixes using Izotope's "Ozone 6" software which is GRRRREAT!

I've stuck with this recording set up for all my recordings to date.