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I'm based in London, UK, and I'm an indie singer songwriter. My main instrument is guitar which I play left handed - but with the strings strung for a right handed person. Consequently all the chords I play are upside down. Strange, but true....

Recently I discovered Facebook group called Upside Down Guitar, a group dedicated to people exactly like me. I'd found my true home!

I'm a multi instrumentalist and play everything myself on my solo work - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards. I do however NOT play the drums so rely on my fantastic drumloops I buy from www.drumsondemand.com. With some judicious editing and planning you can make these loops sound like you had Ringo stop by for a session!

I produce all my music in my home studio which I call DanStudios. Garageband is my current Digital Audio Workstation of choice and my guitars are, you could say, very Beatle centric! Here's the gear I have and also the various recording methods I've used over the years. 


I have just formed a band called Bandana with my co singer songwriter pal Alan Snelling. We both play about the same amount of instruments so we can make plenty of music! Click here to get ALL Bandana's news and what we've been up to.



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My debut album is called "Let The Sun Shine In" (which you can buy on  and iTunes). I decided to do what McCartney did in 1970 on his self titled album and play everything myself. I even made the tea in between recording sessions (again, for myself).

My follow up EP was called "Delusions Part 1", an epic 12 minute piece in 6 parts. Weaving between classical guitar and full on rock with some sound effects thrown in for good measure. "Delusions Part 2" followed two years later, slightly shorter but with the same rock opera story about those who promise you the world and give you nothing.

My second album "Time For A Change" was released on Dec 4th 2015.  I was so poor at the time I couldn't afford to release it through CDBaby (my usual method) so I've put the tracks on my SoundCloud.

I have just released my third album "Colliding Planets" - 15 original songs written and produced by yours truly at my studio DanStudios. I'm very proud of this album and worked hard on getting the production and sound right. Here's a review of the album from music blog SpinSunday Music reviews.


My main influences are The Beatles having grown up with their sound. I also love The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees.  Also love Amy Winehouse and those jazzy grooves. Fave guitarists are Keith Richards, Mark Knopfler and George Harrison.

My favourite drummers are Ringo, Neil Peart & Taylor Hawkins.

Fave bass players are Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee and Chris Squire.

Fave quote :

"Don't bore us. Get to the chorus"