Working on first album.

I started this project in October 2014. I've always wanted to put together a collection of songs and work like crazy to finish it and get it "out there". I've been writing songs for years and years and you know how it tends to get in the way of things sometimes and my past attempts to complete an album of songs was never realised.

Until now that is.

Somehow getting older and wiser has helped. After a long break where I didn't even pick up the guitar let alone play it, I was sent a song written by a pal of mine Alan. It was absolutely FANTASTIC and he asked me to stick some vocals on it for him. I did this and suddenly realised what I'd been missing for so long. To write something new and fresh and get back into recording once again.

Garageband has been my best friend (well, second to my lovely wife) on this and somehow I've managed to get "that sound" I've been looking for. I'm a guitar player and when I played in bands, I had various amps and pedals but they never seemed to achieve the right "round" sound I wanted. But you battle on don't you? I spent what little spare money I had on bits of equipment to try and make my guitar sound like the sound that I envisioned in my head. My brother bought a "ZOOM" guitar processor, with a  million different noises but only of which ONE or TWO actually sounded right to me.

The amps and settings GB offer is amazing to me. Suddenly I got the sound that not only made me feel "yeeeeahhhh baby!!", but it actually inspired me to write new material which has become my first album "Let The Sun Shine In." Right now I'm mixing and mastering and it'll be available in Spring this year - which is only a few weeks away!

I'm between job contracts at the moment so am spending EVERY day on my music, which on one hand is BLISS. But at some point I'm gonna have to find another job and earn some more dosherooney. In the meantime though I'm a firm believer in that you have to LIVE YOUR LIFE and do stuff that makes YOU happy. And if that means shutting yourself in your home studio and agonising over the sound of a tom tom, or a single bass guitar note, then SO BE IT! It's gotta be done. Who knows? Someone might actually like what I'm doing. Or better, even want to add it to their music collection.

I can dream can't I?