Album release

It's done. It's gone to CDBaby, so before too long it'll be on iTunes and all the other online music stores. Clicking that "FINALIZE" button on CDBaby's site was a scary moment as there would be no more changes, no more adjustments to ANYTHING! So I feel very pleased and quite proud actually to have completed this musical project.

I've played absolutely everything on the album and engineered and produced as well but boy, how GREAT would it be to have had help! It's a mammoth undertaking doing it yourself, but as funds are low, it was the only way. Plus I was lucky not to have any disagreements with fellow band members as I was the only one to consult! I tried hard to be objective about everything and re did, re recorded anything that worried me.

So now it's out there, the next thing to do is hope people like it.

Also made my first music video too, to coincide with the album release. My day job as an editor came in handy as I made the entire thing in two days, using my old handycam and Final Cut Pro editing software. It's up on YouTube if you wanna take a peek.

So what next? Time to write some more songs I think. I mean, that "difficult" second album needs to written......