I decided the other day to purchase a load of drum loops from Drums On Demand. If you haven't heard of them, they are fantastic for home, solo musicians like me who don't have the room for a drum kit, or an understanding wife who will put up with the noise. They record real drummers in LIVE rooms and then edit loops together so the likes of you and me can slam them on a timeline on Pro Tools or Garageband and make your next creative musical composition AMAZING!

I love the way the loops are divided up into riffs, fills, intro's and endings as it makes the putting together of a really cool drum track EASY as pie. I always add a bit of compression to make them even more HUGE and on occasion, a tiny dab of reverb. They don't need much as the recording guys really knew their stuff when they got these drummer dudes down on tape (or file?).


I recently bought the BIG CLASSIC ROCK set as Apple Loops. They downloaded in a few minutes and were really reasonably priced - $34. I signed up to their newsletter and got an instant 20% off that too so THAT was great too. If you haven't heard of them, check out their website - drums on demand dot com I think it is. Oh! And I do NOT work for them. I just appreciate a really good product when I get my hands on one, that's all.

So my next job is to load up a riff or two of these babies into garageband and plug in my telecaster and get jamming. Hoping to write a classic.

Isn't that ALWAYS the goal?

Keep rockin'!