First playback of album.

Tonight I played the full album. The first time since mastering a few days ago. I had a beer to keep me company and I sat in anticipation. I'd hate it. I'd wish I'd never done it. It was shit. It was.......oh hang on?

The first track gave me confidence. The sparkle that the mastering software had added had really done it's job. I was blown away by the "magic dust" that OZONE 6 had added to my mixed tracks. On to the second track, then the third......all the way to the end. Mrs Dan was preparing dinner - home made salmon fishcakes, salad and baked potatoes for dinner. I'd finished playing back by the time she called me downstairs and I had a mini spring in my step. The playback had gone well in my book. It was time to get it out there.....

I'd spent a good few hours today designing the album cover. Jeeeez! I am not a graphic designer and I wished I'd had the money to pay someone to do it. But what the hell! I'm a one man band with no money so my own "creation" would have to do. Luckily, a web design course I'd taken a few years ago stood me in good stead, because I know how to get my brain cell around Photoshop. At least enough to make a fairly decent job of designing the album cover.

The other good news is that I got offered a job today. Not to entertain the masses with my musical genius - sadly no! But in the area that I work in, for my day job. If all goes well and I can do a deal, then I'll have an income until Xmas this year - and enough money to buy a few musical toys hopefully! So wish me luck.

My debut album is going to get the full release within the next day or two. Keep your ears and eyes out for "Let The Sun Shine In". I'm dedicating the album to my late Dad.

Keep smiling!