How do YOU record?

Having got laid off from my "day job" almost two weeks ago owing to my employer running out of money, I've immersed myself in all things music. What a buzz it is to spend an entire day writing and recording - and then repeat the following day!

I've managed to complete three new tunes which I had been working on. As well as this, a fourth new song is in the works which is another collaboration with Rachel Grey. She and I hooked up on "I Don't Care" which you can listen to here and we were so blown away at how well we worked together, we thought we'd do it again! Hoping to get this new one released very soon.

I did an interview with a music blog called Jingle Jangle Jungle  which is run by an amazing lady called Mary Burris. She's a great supporter of indie musicians and I really enjoyed being featured on her blog this month.

I'm fascinated with recording and always have been. I started off using tape (yes, that's CASSETTE tape!) and then progressed to 1/4" tape 8 track. Now my main recording studio is a 27" Mac with Garageband. I've got a Focusrite mic preamp to take the mic input into the Mac - it also handles the guitar signals too - and that's about it. I've got a fairly good amount of professional experience with sound mixing, so I spend a huge amount of time "cooking" the tracks so that they sound perfect. Or as perfect as I think they should be! It got me thinking though...

How do YOU record? Do you use Logic? Ableton Live? 4 track cassette tape?! I'd love to hear from you if you're a home recordist and tell me your way of getting "signal to tape"! Maybe some of you save your pennies and go to a proper studio complete with engineer. I'd like to be able to do that - and have done once or twice in the past. But it costs!

Well have a great weekend fellow muso dudes. Keep the music flowing!

Yer pal