Music in the bank

I've got a new method for songwriting. Instead of writing something from start to finish and working out what goes where in the sound spectrum then writing lyrics and mixing the final tune, I come up with sketches. Ideas. A sort of "jam" if you will - where I lay a drum beat and play along until something comes. Once I've got the feel of something, I lay it down and start building the track instrument by instrument. The result is a BANK of quarter finished songs that I'll come back to and tinker with, add to etc until it's ready to write lyrics to.

I like this way of working because it's nice to have stuff to work on rather than sitting and trying to come up with something. I also LOVE the way these songs evolve, because they don't really have a direction yet and they become very fluid and malleable.

I tried this method on my album "Let The Sun Shine In" and it worked a treat. I like the idea of coming back to a track later one and polishing it. Exactly like my day job of film editing. You tinker, try stuff, add stuff, turn it upside down, inside out and before you know it you have a series of "happy accidents." Ideas that you could never have thought of just by sitting there and coming up with a song. The recording process offers up enticing ways to try things. Some work. Some don't, but when it DOES work.....WOW!

Some of these tracks never make it as finished songs, mainly because I decide that they just don't really "have it" to succeed. I'm a one man band (literally) so the decision making is quick and swift.

Right, must go and add a cowbell to that rock track....See ya!