Songwriting's magic

So I've started writing some more material for my next record and it's true what they say about the "difficult second album". The debut album "Let The Sun Shine In" flowed pretty smoothly for me in terms of creativity. It's almost as if each song was "pre written" and all I had to do was plug in to the mainframe and eek it out! But now the first album is "out there", I'm keen to follow it up at the end of the year with something new and fresh and I'm working a little bit harder than before.

This new bunch of songs though is coming together in my usual fashion. I like to doodle around on the acoustic and come up with a chord sequence that I feel good about. I tend to work out the melody and phrasing by "la la'ing" something alongside the chords. Sometimes I'll just stick it down on garageband so I remember it - other times I'll put the guitar down and forget about it. But I tend to find that each song idea matures a little like a good wine and the next day I'll get excited about it.

Putting some drum loops down and playing along with a groove also adds excitement to my bones. I never know what the song is gonna be about. I never know how it's gonna end up. I don't even know how it's gonna sound until I start building it. I find that the more I play it the more ideas I get - a cowbell on the backbeat? Some rock organ on the choruses? Slide guitar figures? Hmmm.....maybe! But each time the track has something added, it feels better and then another idea leaps into my mind. It's so damned exciting.

But then I get bored and switch everything off, put the guitars away in their cases and do something else. But when I return, like the proverbial bottle of wine that's maturing in the wine cellar, the flavours of the song come to the fore and another wave of excitement floods through my veins. Eventually the backing track is done and I decide what the hell the song is gonna be about! I find lyrics hard to do, but eventually something always comes.

The song comes alive when the words are sung and suddenly the melody and phrasing, knitted together with the groove of the song, gives me that "complete" feeling. Another song is born. I'm a firm believer in dipping in and out of various songs - never complete them until you're absolutely happy with it. I love having a rock track half finished, then a slower groove track needing some extra attention. Like kids, they ALWAYS get the attention they deserve and I make sure I shower each one with love!

'scuse me while I puke at that last sentence... Bluurrrggghhh! That's better!

Album No. 2 is in the making. Watch this space....