Twitter Support

We now live in an age where we can get our music to people out there, without having to have a record deal or a distribution contract. The Twittersphere is jam packed full of people with different tastes in music and a willingness to make it their mission to hear ONLY unsigned artists. I have been incredibly lucky to reach like minded people via my twitter account who have listened to and tweeted about my songs. The great thjng about the twittersphere is that you're not forcing your music down peoples throats - like record companies have to do with their marketing campaigns (otherwise they don't get their investment back). You are letting it reach people organically, through word of mouth - or by word of tweet and that makes it special in my view.

It gives songwriters like me a real boost when you know that some folks out there will listen to your material. It keeps you enthusiastic and excited and that's a great thing. Recording and writing takes a long time sometimes, and a huge amount of work goes into something like a 3 minute song. But thanks to social media, you can feel like what you're doing is worthwhile because music fans appreciate hearing something new from people who aren't on TV or even on the radio.

There's always been a huge amount of musical talent in the world and years ago, it was only the lucky few that got heard. Now we have connections to the whole world from our laptops and desktops - hell! Even our phones! And mostly, the people who want to listen are great people. People who can step away from the commercial world of music and dip into the likes of us unsigned artists. Giving us a chance. Giving us an ear and heck.....even writing something nice about it!

So to the twitterers who listen to all of us, thank you. It's you guys who make what we do, so worthwhile.

Yer pal