It's been two years since my last album "Time For A Change" was released and I thought it was high time to get writing again! "Colliding Planets" is my third album and I feel this albums music and lyrics are my strongest to date. Here's a review.

My latest single release "Dreams of a Dreamer" from the album can be heard here.

The new album is a little bit more soul influenced. Of course I've still got my rock vibe going on (I don't think that will ever disappear) but I've introduced horns and piano more on this album on a few tracks - "One in a Million" and "Get Inside Their Soul". Two of tracks are country rock orientated "She's Still Drivin'" and "The Man I Want to Be" with plenty of finger picking guitar licks reminiscent of Mark Knopfler.


I've played around on my Fender Telecaster with Open G tuning and a whole new world has opened up to me! Now I know how The Rolling Stones sound like they do. Four of the songs are very Stones influenced using open G tuning as the base for the groove.

I bought myself a Fender Stratocaster which features on a lot of the tracks. The Rickenbacker 330 12 string also makes an appearance or two. All the bass guitar parts were played on my Hofner violin bass.

Once again drums are provided by ©DrumsOnDemand - my favourite drum loop company. You should check them out here and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I buy the Apple Loops which I can edit together in Garageband and with enough imagination, you can make your recordings sound so good people will think you had Ringo or even Taylor Hawkins round to thump the tubs for you!


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